Monday, January 10, 2011


I have some really great demos avaible on drapery. Lets face it, learning drapery is important becuase you can't draw nekkid people are the airport or the coffe shop. When ever I ask they always call the cops.

videos 20-23 cover Drapery.

Drapery - Complete Package
Price: $71.82 (Save 7% off of total purchase use code DRAW)
File Size: 1353 MB
Video Length: 244 min

Video Contents:
Intro to Drapery
Drapery and Form
'The Twist'
Origin and Insertion
Drapery on the Figure
4 Long Drapery Demos
Quick Sketches with Drapery

Save 7% off of total purchase use code DRAW

Check out our preview!

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