Monday, February 7, 2011

How to Draw Hands

We have two excellent videos on youtube on drawings hands. Hands can be as complicated as drawing the human fugure, so its important to learn how to draw them. When I was on the review board in the studios, a portfolio would NEVER pass unless they showed they could draw hands. I would advise not to avoid them because they are hard. Sit down and study! That is what makes a professional artist successful.

With that in mind, I think the videos we have up are very helpful.

This video I made for the Acme animation website years ago. It short, but to the point.
This footage is a bit blurry because its older, but the information is still great.

The second video is much newer! We just made it a few weeks ago. This has a nice long demo of a hand drawing.

You can only find these videos on youtube.

Now, we also have a a great series of videos on hands on our website!

Video 8:Hands and Feet Part 1
Price: $19.95 (save 7% when you enter code: DRAW)
File Size: 318 MB
Video Length:58 min

Video Contents:
The Hand
Hand Proportions
Step Down at the Wrist
Bones of the Hand
Gesture of the Hand
Hand Construction
Quick Sketches


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